Barbie Fairytopia is the first film of the five-movie series released in 2005. This article will discuss the movie and how Elina overcomes her insecurity and temptation. 

I will also mention the platforms you can stream Barbie: Fairytopia on, its characters and voice cast, ratings & reviews, and in what order you should watch the franchise. 

Let’s begin!

Barbie Fairytopia – Storyline

The 2005 animated film Barbie: Fairytopia follows Elina, a wingless fairy, on an adventure to rescue a good witch. 

She also stops Laverna’s evil plan to steal the powers of Fairytopia’s fairy guardians. 

Barbie Fairytopia – Storyline
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Despite her perceived flaw of not having wings, Elina discovers an inner strength and destiny that make her special. With the help of her loyal companion Bibble and new fairy friends, she goes through the deceptive forests, finally outsmarting Laverna’s minions.

This ultimately helps Elina defeat the evil fairy.

Where To Watch Barbie Fairytopia Movies

The Barbie: Fairytopia films can be rented on a variety of platforms, including:-

Amazon Prime$3.59
Fandango at Home$3.99
Apple TV$3.99
Google Play$3.99
Platforms To Watch Barbie Fairytopia Movies
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Barbie Fairytopia Videos And Trailers

Fans can enjoy the enchanting world of Fairytopia through the official trailer and clips available on platforms like YouTube. Here’s an unofficial playlist featuring different movie highlights. These video clips offer a glimpse into Barbie Fairytopia’s vibrant animation, captivating storylines, and characters that make the movie series so engaging!

Barbie Fairytopia Movies In Order

The Barbie: Fairytopia series consists of five films, starting with Barbie: Fairytopia in 2005. 

After that, two sequel films, which are Barbie Mermedia and Barbie Farirytopia: the Magic of Rainbow, and two spin-offs (Barbie Mariposa and Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess) were released. 

Barbie Fairytopia Movies in Order
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Let’s go through these movies in the order of their release and understand their plotline briefly:-

1. Barbie Mermaidia – 2006 

Elina travels to the underwater world of Mermaidia to rescue her friend Nalu. This merman prince has been kidnapped in an attempt to learn the whereabouts of a special berry that will make the evil Laverna the most powerful fairy in Fairytopia. 

Barbie Mermaidia
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IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Elina must face many challenges, including sacrificing her wings, to save Nalu and protect the kingdom. 

2. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic Of Rainbow

Elina and her fairy friends are chosen for the annual “Flight of Spring” to create the first rainbow of the season using magic. But then the villainous Laverna returns and threatens to throw Fairytopia into a bitter winter. 

Barbie Fairytopia - Magic of Rainbow
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IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Now, Elina and her companions must learn to work together and use their unique gifts to defeat Laverna again. That’s the only way to bring the rainbow to life.

3. Barbie Mariposa

This first spin-off film introduces Mariposa, a butterfly fairy who loves to read and dream about the world outside her homeland of Flutterfield. 

Barbie Mariposa
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IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

When the evil fairy Henna poisons the queen, Mariposa starts her journey to find a hidden way to save her kingdom.

4. Barbie Mariposa & The Fairy Princess

In this sequel to Barbie Mariposa, the butterfly fairy becomes the royal ambassador of Flutterfield. She is sent to bring peace between her fairy land and their rivals, the Crystal Fairies of Shimmervale. 

Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess
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IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Mariposa befriends the shy Princess Catania and must help defend both kingdoms from a dark fairy’s scheme.

Barbie Fairytopia: Characters & Voice Cast

The Barbie: Fairytopia films feature impressive characters with an even better voice cast. Take a look below, as I have also given insights into these characters’ traits.

CharacterDescriptionVoiced By
ElinaThe wingless fairy who dreams of wings boards on a quest to save Fairytopia.Kelly Sheridan
BibbleElina’s loyal and comedic puffball sidekick provides support and comic relief.Lee Tucker
AzuraA wise and powerful guardian who guides Elina with her natural connection.Venus Terzo
DizzleThe eccentric fairy assists Elina with his potion and magic knowledge.Andrew Francis
LavernaCunning and manipulative dark fairy seeks to overthrow Fairytopia.Kathleen Barr
DandelionA vibrant and spirited fairy becomes Elina’s loyal, supportive companion.Tabitha St. Germain
DahliaThe gentle and caring fairy who forms close bonds with Elina’s group.Chiara Zanni
HueA wise and insightful mentor figure guides Elina’s companions.Mark Oliver
Prince NaluA noble and courageous royal who joins Elina’s quest adds romance.Alessandro Juliani

Reviews And Ratings

The Barbie: Fairytopia series has received generally positive reviews from both audiences and critics. On IMDb, the films have an average rating of 6.1/10, while Amazon user reviews have awarded the series an impressive 4.7/5 stars.

Here’s what people have to say about Barbie Fairytopia:-

  • Tayla C.

“A film masterpiece, the emotions portrayed in each character displayed gæness and unique characteristics in each actor. 

It closely follows the true story, and I’m so happy that no adaptations were created to follow the real-life experiences these characters faced, including up the fat guy.”

Tayla C
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  • Kyla Elis

“​​An incredible work of art. a masterpiece. 47 thumbs up. Love the little fat guy.”

Kyla Elis
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Barbie Fairytopia Quotes

The Barbie: Fairytopia films are filled with memorable and whimsical quotes, such as

  • Bibble’s endearing line, “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” 
  • Laverna’s declaration, “The fairy guardians will be powerless to stop me!”

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Conclusion: Barbie Fairytopia Is The First Part Of A 5-Movie Franchise!

The Barbie: Fairytopia movies are beloved by fans. They focus on Elina’s inspiring story, encouraging young viewers to be proud of what makes them unique and never give up. The movie celebrates the power of what you can achieve once you believe in yourself, making Elina’s adventures so adventurous and inspiring!

If you want to (re)experience the magical world of Fairytopia, click on the links mentioned above. And you will be redirected to your choice of streaming platform, whose rates start as low as $3.59.


What was Barbie’s name in Fairytopia?

In the Barbie: Fairytopia film, Barbie plays the role of Elina, a flower fairy without wings.

Are Barbie: Fairytopia and Mermaidia the same?

Barbie: Fairytopia and Barbie Mermaidia are two separate films in the Barbie: Fairytopia series. Mermaidia is a sequel that follows Elina’s journey to the underwater realm.

Who is Bibbles’ girlfriend in Barbie: Fairytopia? 

Bibble, Elina’s loyal puffball companion, does not have a romantic interest in the Barbie: Fairytopia films.

Is Barbie: Fairytopia a Disney film? 

Barbie: Fairytopia is not a Disney film. It was produced by Mainframe Entertainment and Mattel Entertainment and distributed by Lionsgate and Universal Pictures.

What is the story of Barbie: Fairytopia?

The story of Barbie: Fairytopia follows Elina, a wingless flower fairy, as she goes on a quest to save the enchanted land of Fairytopia from the evil fairy Laverna.

Is there a love interest in Barbie: Fairytopia?

While the Barbie: Fairytopia films focus on Elina’s heroic journey, the series does not feature a central romantic storyline or love interest.

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