Over the years, Mattel, the company behind the Barbie brand, has introduced a variety of sister dolls, each with its own distinct traits and characteristics. 

While some of these characters have remained consistent (Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea) and are available in the market, others have been discontinued, returned, or even renamed.

In this article, I will discuss seven of Barbie’s prominent sisters and their unique personalities, histories, and roles in the ever-evolving Barbie franchise. 

Seven Barbie Sisters – As Of 2024!

Here is a table summarizing the essential information about Barbie’s sisters:-

Kelly (Shelly in Europe)1990sDiscontinued

Let us examine the Barbie sisters’ personalities, physical traits, etc.

1. Skipper

Source: IMDb

Skipper is Barbie’s first sister, who made her debut in 1964. Initially, she was introduced as Barbie’s younger sister, but over the years, Skipper has evolved into a teenage girl with dark brown or brunette hair, often sporting vibrant highlights. 

Skipper is known for her tech-savvy skills and love for gadgets, making her the go-to sibling for everything digital.

2. Tutti

Source: Barbie Wiki Fandom

Tutti is another Barbie sibling with a unique history. Introduced in 1965, She was Todd’s twin sister. After being discontinued in 1971, some fans confused Tutti for Stacie, as she was replaced by the Kelly character, who Stacie again replaced.

3. Stacie

Source: Animation Magazine

Anastasia Roberts, or Stacie as she’s affectionately known, is Barbie’s sporty and adventurous sister. She first debuted as a preteen doll, characterized by her light brown or honey-blonde hair and green eyes. 

Stacie is the most athletic of the siblings, with a bucket list full of extreme sports she’s eager to conquer.

4. Kelly

Source: Barbie Movies Wiki

While not as well-known as the core trio, Kelly is another Barbie sister who is present in the franchise. She was first introduced in the 1990s alongside Skipper when Kelly was known as “Shelly” in Europe. 

However, around 2010, this poor sister of Barbie was discontinued and eventually replaced by Stacie.

5. Krissy

Source: Etsy

Before Chelsea was introduced as Barbie’s youngest sister, the Barbie line featured another baby doll named Krissy. Krissy was released in 1999 but discontinued in 2001. 

However, she returned in the browser game “Let’s Baby-Sit Baby Krissy” and in the 2015 playset Barbie Fashionistas with Millie.

6. Chelsea

Source: Google Play

The youngest and most recent addition to Barbie’s family is Chelsea, introduced in 2010. Initially, Chelsea was known as Kelly before the latter was discontinued.

This little girl doll with light blonde hair and blue eyes is known for her friendly and curious nature. She is often found checking out the world around her. 

Chelsea’s playsets and accessories, such as the “Chelsea and Friends” series, showcase her endearing charm.

Other Barbie Family & Friends

Check out the table below that covers Barbie’s family members:-

Barbie’s MotherMargaret Roberts
Barbie’s FatherGeorge Roberts
FriendsBarbie has several friends, including Midge, Teresa, and Summer.

Barbie Family Members 

Barbie Family Members 
Source: IMDb

Barbie’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, provide a loving and supportive home environment. 

Her older brother Todd offers a male perspective and sibling dynamic, while her younger sisters Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea represent different stages of childhood and adolescence. 

This extended family allows young fans to see reflections of their own family structures and relationships. Ultimately, the Roberts family provides a relatable, middle-class backdrop against which Barbie navigates her adventures and aspirations. 

Barbie Friends

Barbie Friends
Source: RBK

Barbie’s friendships with Midge, Teresa, and Summer, among others, are characterized by shared experiences, mutual support, and a deep understanding of each other’s lives. 

Together, they go through the world, sharing laughter, joy, and sometimes even challenges. 

Keeping Up With The Times

Mattel has consistently expanded Barbie’s family of siblings and friends to keep the brand fresh and relatable for young audiences. As society and consumer interests have shifted over the decades, Barbie’s circle has grown, which reflects contemporary values and identities.

From the introduction of Todd, Barbie’s first male sibling, in 1963 to the recent additions of dolls representing different ethnicities, body types, and abilities, Barbie’s family has become increasingly inclusive. 

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Conclusion: Barbie Has Had Six Sisters Prominent Sisters Over The Years!

Barbie’s sisters have become integral to the beloved doll’s legacy. Whether it’s the mischievous Skipper, the adventurous Stacie, or the curious Chelsea, each sibling brings their personality and charm to the world of Barbie.

As Mattel continues to evolve the Barbie brand to keep up with the times, we can expect to see more exciting additions to Barbie’s family in the coming years. 

Until then, please comment below who your favorite sister Barbie is and why.


What are the Barbie sisters’ names in order?

In order of their introduction, Barbie’s sisters are Skipper, Tutti, Stacie, Kelly (later renamed Chelsea), and Krissy.

Who are the seven siblings of Barbie?

Barbie has seven siblings: Skipper, Tutti, Todd, Stacie, Kelly, Chelsea, and Krissy.

What happened to Barbie’s sister Kelly?

Kelly, Barbie’s younger sister, was introduced in 1995 and retired in 2010. She was replaced by Chelsea in 2011.

What happened to Barbie’s sister Tutti?

Tutti, Barbie’s tiny sister, was introduced in 1965 and discontinued around 1971.

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